Big 2016 Goals • Focus

The weather has been so cloudy this week that its been hard to take pictures. I’ve got some bookish shots I want to take. Hopefully this weekend the sun will come out for longer than ten minutes. 😋 Thanks for understanding!
Anyway, here’s another bullet journal layout that I did to help me reach my Big 2016 Goals. These are my writing and reading goals for the year. I realized it wasn’t enough to just list them, I needed a more proactive way to accomplish them. 

I used a future planning layout and labeled it Goals•Focus 2016. Focus is my one word theme for the year. I can’t let discouragement or doubt get in the way of getting published, so focus is my word. 💪🏽 I broke down a few of my goals by listing the different ways I can accomplish them each month. It’s only January, but I’ve accomplished one already (participate in a writing contest). Seeing my goals broken down into manageable steps is really satisfying and the goal of getting published feels attainable. 2016 is my year! 🙌🏽💪🏽👍🏽😏 #amwriting #writer #writerslife #writersgoals #writersofinstagram #writersofig #instawriter #bulletjournal #planwithme #journaladdict #lifegoals #writers #leuchtturm1917 #fabercastell #washitape #washiaddict #stationeryaddict #writersgonnawrite 



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