Writer’s bullet journal 

I haven’t posted because my kids were sick this week. Not many pictures were taken, but I still tried to keep my productivity for my writing and reading life up. I was inspired by @tinyrayofsunshine’s blog plot and writing log layouts and customized them to my needs. I was already doing monthly spreads about my progress. Kim’s layouts were year overviews and I loved the idea of being able to look at my progress all in one spot as opposed to flipping back and forth each month. 

The top view is my monthly overview of the type of writing I do each day. Then I make a note of what I wrote that day under the topics overview. Each type of writing is color coded. 

The middle layout is a year view of the type of writing I do. This is basically the month view without the topics, but all the other months are included. I’m excited to fill this out for the other months. 

The bottom layout is modified from Kim’s Blog Plot layout. I’m using it to keep track of my daily word count and at the end of the month, I can total how much I’ve written. 

Already I can see my novel writing (purple) suffered last week because I was crazy busy with a writing piece due this week for school (orange). I made up for it last night and was able to get in 2000+ words for my novel. My goal by the end of the month is to finish Act II, Part 1 of my novel. I am really close! I’m so glad I discovered bullet journaling when I started writing! 💪🏽🙌🏽❤️📝 If you’d like to see the layouts that inspired mine, please check out @tinyrayofsunshine feed and her blog. These layouts were part of her post about setting up a business bullet journal. 

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