TWSO: Cross-genre module

Finally sitting down to tackle this beast. I’m in a writing program The Writer’s Studio Online #twso through Simon Frasier University @cs_sfu and our current module is a cross-genre unit where we participate in a genre outside of our assigned unit. I was assigned fiction and for this cross-genre unit, I signed up for YA/Speculative fiction. 

Our assignment for this unit is to write a 5 page piece incorporating YA and/or Speculative Fiction conventions. I decided to write a scene that’s from the same universe as my current WIP, but not part of the main storyline. It has the potential to be part of a sequel. I’m not going to lie, my inner word nerd had a lot of fun with this and I’m excited that my current WIP could possibly be part of a series. (My current WIP is a YA fantasy.) 
I just have to trim this assignment down a bit. It’s only supposed to be 5 pages, but I had so much fun that it’s currently 13. 😂🤓😁📝✂️ Armed with Papermate Flairs (I love these for editing.) and a pot of @riddlesteashoppe’s Harry Potter themed tea Magic Tavern, I’m ready to get down to business! 💪🏽😏

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