Excuse me while I have a fangirl moment. 

I’m still recovering from this. Last night while making dinner, I got a notification that one of my entries was reblogged on my Tumblr account, but when I saw who reblogged it, I did a double take. When hearing my reaction, Boychild2 asked why I was crying. I told him I was cutting onions. I wasn’t. Boychild1 saw I was on my phone and asked did something happen? I explained how a really wonderful author took the time to repost one of my pictures on her blog. No reaction. I further clarified that it’s the same author who we listen to after I pick them up from school. Boychild1’s reaction was momentary excitement, followed by a “That’s cool”. Then he walked away. They’re lucky I was able to finish making dinner because I was like this 😭😭😭 for a few minutes. 

When I discovered bookstagram a few months ago, I was so thrilled to find other people who loved books as much as I did. I can’t really geek out about books to people in real life because they end up like this 🙄 or 😴. And as a writer, this inspires me even more. So if anyone understands, I knew it would be friends on bookstagram. Because @sabaatahir has pretty much spoiled me for any other author. 😭
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4 thoughts on “Excuse me while I have a fangirl moment. 

  1. Jennifer F. Santucci Post author

    YES. THE Sabaa Tahir! She thought my picture was worthy enough to reblog on her Tumblr. I’m just so overwhelmed. I think my pictures are good enough, but there are so many gorgeous pictures out there. I just try to post what I like the best way that I can–with my camera phone and whatever surface is catching the best natural light that day! Thank you!



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