Sunday planning: Inserts

Sundays are for planning and pictures for the week, but the weather is chilly and the clouds are hiding the sun. Planning is slow going and there’s not much natural light for pictures. I love this weather, but it makes me want to burrow under some blankets and tackle those TBR piles. Instead, I’m printing and cutting inserts for my Menu Planner. My notebook is from @maydesigns and I use their Menu Planner layout. I was using a separate pad of paper to write down my list for freezer shopping, but realized I was writing the same thing over and over, so I created a template on Word so I could save time. 

My list has three boxes for the different lists I use for menu planning: Freezer shopping (We have a deep freezer in the garage.); what to prep for the week; and ideas for next week’s meals. Then I’d tape them in my notebook with washi tape. Using the washi tape made it possible for me to stick it in different places while I prepped (kitchen cupboard over my prep counter, on the wall in the garage while pulled out the food I needed from the freezer), and then back in my notebook when I was finished. When the menu planning is finished for the week, I put it on my white board so I don’t have to take out my notebook when it’s time to make dinner. 

Adulting is exhausting! 😊
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One thought on “Sunday planning: Inserts

  1. keepsmeoutofmischief

    I spend time on a Thursday evening planning meals for the following week. I’ve found that it’s saved me money every week and I hardly throw out any unused food anymore. It also saves me brain power when I get in from work and I have two ravenous grumpy boys who need feeding NOW!

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