January book challenge: #nerdybookchallenge

This is for the January book challenge #nerdybookchallenge hosted by @dropandgivemenerdy. The prompt is “Conversation between Unlikely Characters”. She’s one of my favorite bookstagrammers and her book is coming out at the end of the month. If you have a chance, check out her feed!
I’m so late with this. It took me a while because of the dialogue, but it was a lot of fun to write. I’m also about to reveal my manga/anime phase here. 🤓
I love Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell @rainbowrowell and thought it would be funny if Cath wrote a mash up with her Carry On characters Simon and Baz and one of my favorite manga/anime characters Inuyasha. (I may have written some Inuyasha fanfic a loooong time ago.) If you’re not familiar with Inuyasha, he’s half-demon and half-human from the Japanese feudal era. He meets Kagome who is from modern Japan. They team up together to find the Shikkon jewel before the villain Naruku gets it to become whole again. I highly recommend the series! And on to the conversation: 

Inuyasha: “Cath, where’s Kagome? Who are Simon and Baz?” Cath: “She’s fine. This will just be for a little while. You’re going to be Baz’s cousin.” Baz: “I don’t have half-demon, half-human cousins.” Simon: “What’s a Tessaiga?” Inuyasha: “That’s my sword!” Simon: “The Sword of Mages is a sword.” Baz: “Cath, please don’t go there.” Cath: “Shhh, Baz. This will make Simon appreciate you more.” Baz: “. . .” Umm. Yeah. 😂 

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