Plan with me challenge: Planning Strategy

This is for the #planwithmechallenge “Planning strategy” topic. I’ve always used a planner for school b/c it’s pretty straight forward. There’s a syllabus with all the assignments and due dates. Writing a novel is so different. I needed structure and a way to track my progress. The writing and reading trackers help to see my productivity over a month’s time. 

To help me on a daily basis, I use a weekly layout and two different daily layouts. For daily, I liked the flow of not having to set up each day ahead, but it was hard finding things I needed. Then I tried a weekly layout with days set up, but it didn’t work for me because there wasn’t enough flexibility. I almost ditched the idea and went back to daily when I saw a post by about how she uses both weekly and daily layouts together. It was such an ah-ha moment because I thought I should be using one layout. I don’t know why, but once I saw her post, I took the idea and ran with it!
For my weekly layout, instead of a seven day set up, I use a four square layout of the areas I have tasks to complete for the week: writing, reading, social media, and TWSO. I’d say it’s more like a weekly agenda so I can look at it and plan my dailies accordingly. 

I use two daily layouts. The traditional bullet journal task list and a modified daily entry for my novel. It includes my word count for the day and how long I wrote; notes for the scene, and a reflection. 

I’m finding this has been working for me really well. I’m already thinking about how I can separate the dailies into sections for next month. Any ideas like this or inspiration I see on IG, I jot them down in a graph composition book for later to play with. 

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