Sunday planning

Sundays are for planning, but since it’s also the start of a new month (and year), I had to spend time setting up my new journals and I’m really excited about this month’s layouts and what it will mean for my productivity for personal and professional growth!
I was inspired by @prettyprintsandpaper with her household supplies layout. In the middle left is my Meal Planner from @maydesigns which I’ve used for years. It’s so nice to be able to look at my old Meal Planners for meal inspiration. I also like that my Meal Planner has a page for making grocery lists too. 

On the bottom is my new notebook. I set up a running record of the food, household, and other sundries we have and the ones we’re running low on. I would usually just put whatever we were running low on my grocery list and just keep an eye on it which meant migrating it to next week’s list until we ran out. I also have a deep freezer and I know what’s inside most times, but it’ll be nice to have a reference when I’m out shopping. I’ve gotten good at not buying duplicates, but reminders will help! With the menu plan finalized, it’s ready for the weekly whiteboard so I don’t have to take my Meal Planner out every time I make dinner. 

Thank you so much @prettyprintsandpaper for the inspiration! Please follow her for more fantastic bullet journaling ideas. 😊
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