New beginnings for 2016. 

I love seeing all the reflection posts for 2015 and goals for 2016 in people’s journals. I’m going to finish up my journals with self reflection and pictures of 2015. I’m eager to wrap up my 2015 journals to start my new ones. From left: Blue Sky dot grid journal with gold stripes; middle: Leuchtturm 1917 squared in grey; right: Eccolo World Traveler journal ruled in turquoise. 

I discovered common place books and realized I do this kind of journaling already, but I’d like to make a more focused effort in collecting quotes, facts, and practice lettering in this journal too. I think the dot grid paper will be fun to try since I’ve never tried it before. I am so excited to set up my Leuchtturm 1917 for my writing and reading life. I’ve drafted trackers and layouts that I want to use in January that I hope will help me be a productive writer and reader. The Ecolo journal will be used as a personal journal where I can just pour out the details of my life from needing to go out for walks to the adventures of potty training our three year old. I suppose one journal could suffice, but I’ve learned that each part of my personality needs her own space for expression. I’m so excited to start 2016! 

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