IG bookish tag: #mostownedauthor

One more tag for today. Thank you again @novelcravings for this tag #mostownedauthor. I did this tag based on the number of titles owned by an author, not various editions by the same author. I was quite surprised by the number of titles I actually owned by Meg Cabot! I haven’t read anything lately, but Princess Diaries and The Mediator series helped me get through my first few years of teaching (along with Jane Austen). I’m also excited for her next book Remembrance, Mediator #7–adult Susanna and Jesse! 😭😱 As a reader, I appreciated her humor and light-hearted storylines. I really needed that reprieve during those early years teaching. As a writer, I’m in awe of how prolific a writer she is that spans decades of writing novels over multiple genres. I’m just starting out as a writer in YA fantasy, but I hope to eventually branch out into other genres too. @officialmegcabot @megcabot 

#books #bookstagram #booknerd #bookworm #booklover #yalit #yafiction #yaparanormal #megcabot #princessdiaries #princessmia #mediatorseries #inspiration #lifegoals



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