That damn dust!

This has been such a fantastic week for being a fangirl! Earlier this week @alexbracken liked my Tumblr post because I mentioned that she almost made me ugly cry in public. Then today @andimjulie liked my IG post where I used #dumplin for a book challenge. I love that authors take the time to like their fans’ post. I’ve only been on #bookstagram for a few months and I love how easy it’s been to connect with other bookish people. The authors have also been so nice too. I love everyone. Ok. I’ve got some dust in my eye. I’ve got to go. #books #bookworm #booknerd #fangirl #fangirling #fangirlingsohard #thedarkestminds


2 thoughts on “That damn dust!

  1. Eve Messenger

    Authors liking or. . . **fans self** RESPONDING to your tweets is the BEST. Omigosh, what a coincidence that you mentioned #bookstagram. I’ve really been wanting to try that out. This is probably is stupid question, but what’s a good way to start? Do I just type in the hashtag and go from there?


    1. Jennifer F. Santucci Post author

      Not a stupid question! I actually can’t remember how I stumbled into the bookstagram community. But yes, if you have an Instagram account, the hashtag #bookstagram will bring up tons of gorgeous pictures of books and people’s posts about them. You can like posts, comment, and follow people too.

      Once you’ve gotten comfortable with bookstagram, you’re ready for booktube! šŸ˜

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