Visit at The Huntington Library and Gardens

I took a much needed outing with a mommy friend over the weekend at The Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino California. If you ever get a chance to visit Southern California, I highly recommend putting this on your itinerary!

Since I’ve fully embraced my writerly self, I see inspiration everywhere. Going to a place like the Huntington provided so much inspiration, but it also made me appreciate art in such a new way. It made me think about the artist’s process. How did they get to their final product? How long did it take? I’ve been reflecting on these kinds of questions since I’ve been focused on getting published and even more so now that I’ve started my writing program. 

There was so much inspiration at the Huntington. I wanted to share just a few moments here to help remind me of my personal writerly theme: Inspiration is everywhere!

We didn’t know it at the time, but there was an orchid show last weekend! So many prize winning orchids were on display. Many of them were hybrids. I have such a new appreciation for orchids growers! 

This particular orchid caught my eye not only for its colors, but for its  printed face like pattern. It made me think that the MC of my story would see something like this on her quest. 

After the orchid show, we walked out and encountered a beautiful veranda with a walk way shaded by a pergola with creeping vines. I felt like I was in another world! And I realized this walkway would be perfect to include in a story. I’m not sure if it’ll make it into my current WIP, but it’s just too gorgeous not to end up in a story someday. 

I also visited the Scott Gallery and was in such awe by the paintings, sculptures, and antiques there! Seeing all of it through a writer’s perspective, gave me a new appreciation for an artist’s process. This particular painting Breakfast in Bed by Mary Cassat moved me so much because of the subject matter. As a mother, Cassat captures the warmth and private moment between mother and child so well. I also have a new appreciation for Cassat because she was one of the few, if only female Impressionist painters during that period. 

What museum visit wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the gift shop? The Huntington has gone through some major renovations and the gift shop experienced a major facelift. Everything about it from the entrance, the store layout, and products were selected with the artist/art appreciator/reader/writer in mind. It was difficult restraining myself, but in addition to the Mary Cassat print, I also picked up some fantastic notebooks and sticky notes. Here’s my haul:Three gorgeous notebooks with William Morris designs on the covers, peacock inspired sticky notes, and my favorite find, sticky notes inspired by Jane Austen’s characters in Pride & Prejudice.


I plan on going back again. We barely scratched the surface! I’d like to see the other gardens and art pieces too. I also think visiting a place filled with so much beauty and inspiration helps to rejuvenate one’s creative self. We all need that from time to time!


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