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Book Review: Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

Falling Kingdoms (Falling Kingdoms, #1)Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

Read 164/412.

I really enjoyed the storyline with Magnus and Lucia’s storyline. In fact, the preface was about Lucia’s abduction. I thought the story would be about her, but then it branched off into the other character’s stories. I’m familiar with this style of storytelling. It’s fantastic when done well. My problem was with Princess Cleo’s storyline. I think we’re supposed to sympathize with her, but I can’t. I’m having trouble liking her character because of the incident with Lord Aron. It seems she frequently gets into situations way over her head and by the time she realizes that she’s in trouble, it becomes too much like a damsel in distress situation.

If I didn’t have a tall stack of library books to work through, I would keep reading despite Princess Cleo’s story. I like the overall story enough to push through, but since I don’t have the time, I’ll have to come back to this when I can spend the patience working through Princess Cleo’s storyline.

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